Crimson Diamonds – About Us

Who are we?

Crimson Diamonds and Jewels have been established in 2015. Zoli Butler who is the owner of this exciting new online store, saw the opportunity to utilise her extensive knowledge gained over a 10 year period in the jewellery industry. During this period running up to the establishment of Crimson Diamonds and Jewels, Zoli gained extensive knowledge and experience regarding the manufacturing and sourcing of jewellery. This knowledge and experience is displayed in the quality and beauty of the jewellery contained in the online store of Crimson Diamonds and Jewels.

Our clients, when shopping for that perfect piece of jewellery, expect the pieces they want to buy to be of an exceptional quality. They don’t want the hassle of walking from store to store in a large and busy mall, but they want the convenience of browsing for that perfect piece of jewellery online. Both price and quality should however not be compromised during this process. For this reason Crimson Diamonds and Jewels source the best possible stock out there and see to it that both the quality and price are what the discerning client expects. During the process we utilise our knowledge, experience and industry partnerships, in order to source and design the best jewellery pieces at the best possible prices. We aim not only to sell our jewellery, but also to consult with and advise our clients in order to assist them to make the best decisions regarding affordability and design.


Why Crimson Diamonds and Jewels?

At Crimson Diamonds and Jewels, we understand that no matter what piece of jewellery you are interested in buying – be it an expensive diamond ring or possibly delicate and affordable Zirconium earrings – that piece of jewellery means something to the person wearing it, irrespective of the price or occasion you attend to wear it at.

Crimson Diamond Engagement RingThe real beauty of any piece of jewellery is that it transforms us, creates memorable experiences and also helps us to find and reflect our identities through them. Some pieces of jewellery are passed down from generation to generation creating memories and feelings along with it.

At Crimson, we aim to help you design or source the best piece of jewellery for any occasion or requirement. We understand only too well, that by engraving your first baby’s name on a pendant, designing the love of your life’s engagement ring, or choosing that perfect pair of “something blue” earrings for your daughter’s big day is not only an occasion, it is a memory that will be cherished forever. Therefore, we aim to be affordable, reliable and transparent in all that we do. Crimson Diamonds and Jewels is not just about selling jewellery, but our aim is to create experiences to be remembered and cherished forever. Try us!